Our District Team

District Commissioner -Stephen Crowley – dc@newportscouts.org.uk
Deputy District Commissioner – Kath Lewis – ddc@newportscouts.org.uk

Assistant District Commissioner (Beavers) – Sarah Knight – adcbeavers@newportscouts.org.uk
Assistant District Commissioner (Cubs) – Sarah Burt – adccubs@newportscouts.org.uk
Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts) – Dave Park – adcscouts@newportscouts.org.uk
District Explorer Scout Commissioner – Vacant- desc@newportscouts.org.uk
District Scout Network Commissioner – Vacant – dsnc@newportscouts.org.uk

Assistant District Commissioner (Inclusion)Annmarie Dicken – inclusion@newportscouts.org.uk
Digital & Communications Manager – Dylan Murray – dylanmurray@newportscouts.org.uk

District Appointments Secretary – Tracy Griffiths – appointments@newportscouts.org.uk
Local Training Manager – Vacant – ltm@newportscouts.org.uk
District Badge Secretary – Nigel White – badges@newportscouts.org.uk
Scout Active Support (SAS) – Margaret Thompson – sas@newportscouts.org.uk

Nights Away Applications and Enquiries – nightsaway@newportscouts.org.uk
Risk Assessment Approval – raapp@newportscouts.org.uk

District Scouts Water Activities Team – Christopher Carrel – swat@newportscouts.org.uk

Newport Scout & Guide Gangshow – Sue O’Brian – gangshow@newportscouts.org.uk 

If you wish to enquire about joining one of our Groups or Adult Volunteer opportunities then please
call 0303 303 3303 or emailinfo@newportscouts.org.uk  For any enquires or for submissions to this site please contact…

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